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Awards of Excellence Extra Thick - Per Customer Request: Tijuana Taxi Sauce & Pulled Pork Sauce

3 Taxi Guys - Our Story

Our Story

We are all brothers, actually triplets, separated at birth during a tornado, as you can see we all landed in different spots. But were all drawn to the taxi business by some unexplainable force. Some 15 years ago we all traveled separately to a Taxi convention in Las Vegas. By chance we all ended up in jail together all in the same cell. After exchanging childhood stories, of cooking and enjoying BB-Q we came to know we were brothers, it was a joyous occasion. Took our first trip together to Napa and decided to take each of our culinary skills and make some money. Well we never planned to make money but it seemed like a good idea so we embarked on the idea. Taking the best recipes from Pittsburgh, Atlanta and San Francisco each with it’s own twist we came up with “Cabilicious”.

So give a few long lost brothers a break and buy some stuff. We need the money to find our long lost sisters; they are triplets too imagine that! Stay tuned for the rest of the story on future bottles.

Warm Regards,
Rick, Jamie & John

Sweet and Sassy BBQ
Budda Bing Wing Sauce


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